Indulge Art
Domain: Catering
  1. Logo Concept
  2. Brand Identity
  3. Business Cards Design
  4. A4 Folder Design
  5. Color and Shape Concept
  6. Pack Design
  7. Website Design
  8. Delivery Car Design
  9. Street Food Automobile Design
  1. Persuasive Communication
  2. Concept Identity
  3. Trustworthy Brand
  4. Brand Consistency
  5. Uniqueness
  6. Professionalism
About Indulge Art & Us

Indulge Art is a different type of catering business, exclusively focused on providing raw-vegan and vegetarian dishes, all prepared using bio-ingredients and natural products of high nutritional quality.

Our task was to create a fresh, natural-looking and unique visual identity, representative for the company’s vision and the dishes they provide. Everything from Logo and Slogan to Website and Pack Design was designed to streamline the brand positioning in the mind of the consumer, making him aware of the type of service and quality from the first seconds of interaction with the brand image.

Indulge Art Indulge Art Indulge Art Indulge Art
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