Domain: Product
  1. Logo Concept
  2. Brand Identity
  3. Business Cards Design
  4. A4 Document Design
  5. A4 Folder Design
  6. Colour and Shape Concept
  7. Pack Design
  1. Differentiation
  2. Efficient Communication
  3. Representative Image Concept
  4. Resonant Name
  5. Persuasive Slogan
About Miez & Us

Miez is a crackers brand, whose secret ingredient is “borcut” (mineral water extracted from the Singeorz mountains), known for its beneficent properties. These crackers are a very popular snack in Romania, however Miez’s concept is that of home-made taste, home-made production, natural products, all topped up with the secret ingredient mentioned above (borcut).

Our objective was to create the image and identity of this wonder-snack and we’ve done so through persuasive communication, a representative brand identity and a differentiated image from existing competitors. Our work has resulted into a unique-looking product, charged with elements suggesting its authenticity and Romanian heritage.

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