Domain: Restaurant
  1. Brand Identity
  2. Interior Design
  3. Style and Colour Concept
  4. Administrative Materials
  5. Menu Design
  6. Logo Design
  1. Friendly and Welcoming Environment
  2. Efficient Communication
  3. Differentiation
  4. Concept Uniqueness
About Rod & Us

ROD introduces a new concept on the Cluj Restaurant market. Their vision is to highlight and honor traditional Romanian food by seamlessly reinterpreting it in a modern gastronomic style.

Everything from meat and dairy products, to homemade beer and wines is 100% natural, all purchased from local producers. These natural ingredients are then masterfully transformed into dishes appealing to the fine taste of the contemporary consumer.

We’ve concretized this fusion between traditional Romanian flavors and modern gastronomy through both the visual identity of the restaurant (logo, menu design, business cards and staff gear design) and its interior design style (warm fusion between raw elements such as wood and modern elements in the form of metallic structures, all complemented by nature inspired colors).

Rod Rod Rod Rod
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