Untold 2016
Domain: Festival
  1. Key Visuals
  2. Wrist Band Art Concept
  3. Art Illustrations
  4. Lanyard Design
  5. T-Shirt Design
  6. Access Bracelets
  1. Concept Creation
  2. Visual Representation of the Untold Univers
  3. Quality Design
  4. Successful Sales
About Untold 2016 & Us

UNTOLD is one of Europe’s most renowned electronic music festivals and the biggest of its kind in Romania. When starting our collaboration with Untold in 2016, our challenge was to create materials across the spectrum to bring into existence the concept of UNTOLD 2016. All of the graphics we’ve created had the sole purpose of branding Untold as an artistic and friendly movement, which could effortlessly resonate with the young public attending this event. All the graphics placed on access bracelets, lanyards, t-shirts and so on, were designed to be special, modern, vibrant and attractive, with the ultimate goal of inspiring the public to proudly wear the items both throughout and after the festival.

Untold 2016 Untold 2016 Untold 2016 Untold 2016 Untold 2016 Untold 2016
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