We are that kind of People,
who Want to make the World a Better place.
We are that kind of People, who Want to make the World a Better place.

Vandy’s mission is that of a water drop that touches a lake’s surface; To be part of a great entity and to make the whole lake tremble with emotion.

We want to influence and beautify more than 200 million businesses and people, who would further spread passion and love with their clients, values through which we believe the world can change.


We want to contribute to the development of our world, by offering services that enchant both sight and soul. We desire to become the best innovation branding company in the world, to take businesses to the next level.

At Vandy, we offer a new perspective: the future. An optimistic vision. A clear one. An amazing one. A vision to inspire confidence for a better way of life & business.

And this inspiration to be further conveyed in family life and society. Together we can create beautiful things that matter and can change the world.

Value Board

We love working with people. We love to see them happy. Happiness is visible and being part of it motivates our creativity.


Steve Jobs once said „Those who are crazy enough to say that they can change the world are the ones who will“. It’s the same for dreams. Only those who dare to dream will make them into reality.


We love what we do. This is what makes us get up every morning. We create from love.

And we know that things born from love stand the test of time.


We believe that excellent work brings excellent results. We strive to create, communicate and serve our clients to the highest standards.


You probably know by now that things well done last forever, carry emotion and connect people.

At Vandy, innovation plays a major part because we strive to contribute to the progress of human kind.


For us, creativity has no limits.

From passion, we managed to transform a working environment into a lifestyle.


Our commitment and professionalism leaves no room for doubt that we are the best solution to any visionary project.


We don’t fear challenges.

We are a united and courageous team, whose hearts resonates with the hearts of those who know that the change begins within each one of us.


We believe in the “Less is more” philosophy. Despite the complicated everyday life, we chose to simplify it and to further communicate this message. This is what we do at Vandy. We bring back the essential elements of everyday life to a simple level.


Incomplete things have no place at Vandy. We are a devoted team that carries its projects to the finish line with great dedication.

Vandy Crew
The story
of greatness

You’re the rock.
We’re Michelangelo.
Your business is David.

The Medici family assign Michelangelo the mission to build a statue for Florence’s main square.

At the time, the Medici were the richest, most powerful family in Italy. So, this request wasn’t just a great honour for Michelangelo, it was one he could not afford to fail at.

So he started searching for a block of stone to match the kind of masterpiece desired by the Medici family.

After a lengthy search, the artist found a huge block of marble covered in dust.

It had been abandoned on a side street by amateur builders, many years ago.

Michelangelo took a long, deep look at the block of marble and smiled in satisfaction.

That very moment, he could picture the statue of David down to the smallest details.

As soon as the block of marble entered the gates of the manufactory, Michelangelo began carving and polishing the contours of the statue.

Then he scrupulously worked on grinding, until he simply fell in love with the result.

Declaring from the rooftops, proud of his achievement, Michelangelo announced the time had come for the statue’s reveal. News was spreading across Italy, so Florence’s square was chockfull.

David David

Crowds fell silent as Michelangelo removed the canvas to reveal the statue.

What came to light... fascinated everybody.

The sculpture was more beautiful than anyone could have ever imagined!

A deafening round of applause filled the silence. Italy could talk of nothing else, other than - The statue of David.

Michelangelo was immediately recognised as the greatest sculptor of his time.

People were curious, asking Michelangelo how he managed to create such a masterpiece.

His answer was mesmerisingly simple: “I saw David in the block of marble, complete and perfect, as he is now.

And all that I did was to clear what was not David”.

There are many similarities between your Brand and David.

You probably already own a masterpiece trapped in a marble block.

For how much longer do you want to keep it hidden?

We, at Vandy Vision, can do for your Brand what Michelangelo did for the Medici Family.

For the whole Italy. For History.

Write the story of your brand with us and let’s make History!

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