Content and Copywriting

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Valuable content is the key element to selling your products or services. Besides showing your customers the benefits of your products and services, you get to give them valuable information about the industry and keep them engaged with your activities.

How can you create valuable content?

1. Provide value. Writing about your business involves more than just describing how amazing your products and services are. As amazing as they may be, customers do not appreciate being spammed with offers and deals, so you should focus on creating content related to your industry that will teach your customers to make educated choices when it comes to your niche of products and services.

2. Respect the guidelines for content writing. Make sure you write the content keeping in mind the elements – purpose, structure, form and remember your target audience. They are the one reading the content, so make sure you use simple words and have a clear message they can easily understand and relate to.

3. Aim to inspire action. Think about what is it that you want your customers to do once they read your content. Do you want them to interact with your brand? Do you want them to buy your products and services? Make sure you include a call to action in your content. This is what builds engagement and trust with your customers.

These are the main steps you should consider when delivering content for your target audience.

You may have encountered the “content writing” and “copywriting” concepts before. They both refer to content creation, but copywriting is mostly concerned with pitching your brand, whereas content writing is used to generate interest about your brand, build trust with your audience and not used to sell your brand. The ideal piece of content would be one that involves both sides: attract the attention of your audience and inspire them to take action.

So, how can you reach the ideal content for your brand?

Identify topics that your target audience is interested in. Of course, that already entails knowing your target audience very well. Make a list of topics you can write about and make sure you select the ones that are related to your industry. You can write about research and trends in the industry, or you can simply give your customers step-by-step guidelines on a practical topic they may have difficulties with. Writing content related to your industry makes it much easier to connect the research, trends and guidelines with the solutions your brand provides.

Your daily business operations involve employees working on topics related to your industry and ecosystem. You are constantly creating content without realizing it. Pay attention to what happens on a daily basis in your work environment and capture content opportunities. Your employees might be working on developing a new product or service based on the needs of your customers. Use the product or service research data to create valuable content for your customers. Capturing content is not enough, though. In order to turn it into valuable content, make sure you adapt it to the profile of your customers. Here’s where content writing and copywriting come into play.

Copywriting and content writing will help you expand your brand awareness, they will grow engagement and customer attraction, retention and loyalty, while improving your customer experience and increasing your sales.

Copywriting has the power of engaging your customers and ultimately selling your products and services. Customers are more and more involved in marketing nowadays. You want your customers to be happy and satisfied with your brand and you want them to buy your products and services, so you should focus on what the customer needs and how the customer feels. Copywriting and content writing is your opportunity to tell them stories. You are probably aware of the growing popularity of storytelling in recent years.

It is no secret that great stories sell well. People are interested in hearing stories and learning from stories. Your content should be structured in a way that educates your target audience through an interesting story that makes the customer easily understand the subject you are talking about. This will also awaken their desire to be part of your story and contribute to it.

Great copywriting means great storytelling. Tell your customers your brand story, tell them your product and services stories. Give them valuable content and you will build a long-term trustworthy relationship with them, which will eventually lead them to buying your brand, products and services.

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