Social Media Marketing

Being present on social media means providing valuable content and host it on reputable sites. You want to promote your business where your customer spends his time. Adjust your exposure depending on your target's profile. Is your customer a Facebook type, or maybe an Instagram or LinkedIn type? Figure this up first and you will save a lot of effort. Social media is a way to tie SEO and content marketing together. Search engines take into consideration the number of shares a page receives when it ranks that particular piece of content, a share equals a 4-star ranking. The most important thing when it comes to social media is not how many followers or likes you have, but how you keep your target engaged. Create valuable content, be transparent, empathize, offer solutions, show them you care about their needs and create a community. Not having enough 'reach' on your content means you have to improve your target. Remember, first of all, social media is social, so make sure you interact with your customer.

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